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  • $150.00
    SKU: DRO456   In stock: 828

    Fresh aromas of cut grass and kiwi, refreshing acidity, balanced and elegant reminiscent of a new-world style make up a wine with a dynamic yet seductively elegant character.

  • $100.00
    SKU: KOK785   In stock: 317

    From the privately owned vineyard at Kokkinomylos (Tegea, Arcadia, Greece), located on a hillside with a north-west orientation and clay-rocky soil at an altitude of 750 meters.

  • $100.00
    SKU: LE321   In stock: 1132

    This is a massive wine of 15% abv or possibly more dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon with 12% Mavrodaphne and 8% Touriga Nacional produced in about 4.900 bottles.

  • $250.00
    SKU: LIM1001  

    This is a wonderful rose for a great price. It is one of my favorite roses that are currently in stock. Beautiful red fruit aromas lead to a dry complex wine.

  • $100.00
    SKU: ASDF54   In stock: 554

    This flagship wine is ruby in color and has a complex nose with inviting cassis fruit and white pepper aromas followed by garrigue and spicy flavors.

  • $150.00
    SKU: VIE250   In stock: 4847

    This is probably the only place in where you could read a wine label and know what kind of wine is in the bottle. The tiny village of Chardonnay is one of 26 allowed to append its name to the appellation. It’s also believed that this is where the grape originated and how it got its name.

  • $35.00

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